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The Top Pokies Tips and Tricks for 2020

Love pokies? You're in the right place! If you're looking for the best pokies tips and tricks to help you get spinning and winning, then you're even more so in the best place to be!

Pokies are a game of chance, but that doesn't mean there aren’t certain things you can do to boost your winning chances! Here are just a few pokies tips to get you up and running.

A Quick Online Pokies Guide

Online pokies, also known as slots, fruit machines (and other names) worldwide, are the most popular type of online casino games. They come in 3-reel and 5-reel variations, as well as progressive jackpot pokies, all with different themes, bonus rounds and extra features galore.

Online pokies are fun because they always keep you guessing if you'll win, and if so, what you’ll win. With some online pokies, you're more likely to win smaller amounts, more often (such as with 3-reel pokies) and with some, such as progressive jackpot pokies, you're more likely to win a massive life-changing amount, but actually winning is a lot harder!

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Tips for Playing and Winning Online Pokies

A general online pokie guide and tip for you: although online pokies are games of chance, and there are no real strategies you can use to make yourself more likely to win, there are a few things you can do to put yourself in the best position to win. It all depends on which types of winds you're after, how much you want to play, and across which pokie features.

For example, the pokies on offer at Pokie Place has everything you need, whether you're looking for those massive life-changing wins, with progressive jackpots, or if you're looking for smaller more regular ones, with 3-reel pokies.


Find your winning groove

As we mentioned above, different types of pokies will offer you different types of payout. 3-reel pokies, also known as classic pokies, will pay out quite a lot because there are fewer paylines and reels, meaning you're more likely to hit them more often, and so win. While on the otherhand, progressive jackpots are much harder to win, but if you're lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you’re guaranteed a life-changing amount of money.

Remember though, those higher winds are much harder to win, which is why they don't happen very often. If you're looking for smaller wins, then pokies with fewer reels and paylines will probably be your best bet. Remember - you should also never chase your losses.

Know your pokies’ paylines

Pokies with higher numbers of pay lines will offer you more chances to win, but that is a catch. These are often more expensive pokies to play, especially when you get to pokies with 50 paylines or higher. Staking even just $1 across 50 paylines means you're spending $50 on every spin! You need to find a comfortable medium between breaking the bank and playing to your budget, and maximizing your chances to win.

You always have the chance to set the number of paylines in-play, which would definitely save your bankroll! However, take into account that if you do set your paylines up and don't include them all, you won't be able to win on those paylines that you don't have activated. For this reason, it's really worth it understanding how the pokie paylines work, and even experimenting: the more you bet on more in-play paylines, the higher the wins... but also the higher the potential losses. A happy medium would be staking less on the maximum number of paylines, giving you more chances to win, but also potentially losing less if things don't go your way.

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Go for bonus features

Some online pokies, especially 3-reel pokies and progressive jackpot pokies, will have extra bonus features just waiting for you to trigger them. These can include cascading reels, free spins and even cool bonus rounds, where you have the chance to maximize your potential winnings and spins.

Knowing ahead of time which pokies have these extra features, which you can also see and filter out at Pokie Place, will put you in good stead by potentially maximizing your payouts when playing online pokies.

Understand how paylines work

In addition to knowing how many paylines you're playing, you also need to know the directions in which they trigger a win.

Pokie paylines can be super confusing, especially if you’re a newer player to online pokies. Not only do they go in seemingly random ways across the game, but some of them can go both way, meaning if you hit a win, it can either be on the left to right line...or on the same line goingright to left! Each pokie game should have an explanation of every single payline that you can win on in its information section.

Quit while you're ahead

Sometimes, an online playing session just won't go your way. The best pokies tips and tricks will tell you that this is the exact time to quit! After all, it's never a good idea to chase a loss, especially on games as random as pokies!

You could try switching to a different game, or stopping playing altogether, which will help you to refocus and try your luck another day. Otherwise, you might lose your heard-earned bankroll trying to make up what you've lost. Additionally, you should also remember that Pokie Place has a really sweet 20% cashback on your deposits, which should give you a little bit extra to play with.